count your chickens

today i took the CBEST exam. it was FOUR HOURS straight of testing!
i should win something simply for completing the thing!
sheer torture, it was.
i got a perfect score on the reading section. hip hip hooray for me!
i got a passing score on the math section, which was weird because in the practice test, my results were just the opposite: i did well on the math and poorly on the reading section.
i have to wait til the 17th for my essay scores. i kept my essays short and sweet… met the minimum word requirements and stopped there. no need to ramble. i think it doesn’t really matter what my essays were anyhow… i have already passed.

sorry it’s blurry.
this was lunch yesterday.
went with my new AA friend.

went to the movies today and saw Walter Mitty… great movie!
at first, i didn’t know how i felt about Walter’s little daydreaming episodes, but i bought into it more as the story developed. it’s weird when you are in a movie theater and are wondering how much longer you have to watch the movie…. Sean Penn was/is cool and Kristen Wiig is cool.

it sucks to feel feelings of sadness and loss. i will turn to my drug of choice,


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