no alcohol

awesome, i figured out how to make the pics the right size without a bunch of hassle!
yay, me!

so. i am eliminating alcohol from my repertoire.
there are many reasons but one of the main ones is that i am tired of the SMELL of it!
it smells gross and it makes YOU smell gross!
when you wake up in the morning your whole room smells disgusting and it’s because of the alcohol.
that is embarrassing and not attractive.
and daily drinking (which is what i like and what i did) makes your teeth effed up, makes you puffy, irritable, moody and insane. PLUS fat. and your body pH gets all jacked up.

plus AA meetings are much more interesting than sitting at home watching movies with wine until you pass out! LIFE is more interesting. It’s fun to go and hear the people talk and say shit that you are like, “TOTALLY!” sometimes it is funny and sometimes it is sad.


anyway, all of that is maybe ‘boring talk’
nah, it isn’t.


i’m forty years old and i’m having a mid-life crisis in the middle of a life which has basically been one big long crisis.

i’m glad i cut my hair. i don’t regret it.
i am always looking at (studying) women’s hair.
it’s a constant process of opinion development.
i’m glad my frazzled ends are gone. and i think it makes my hair seem thicker and makes me look more youthful. JUST MY OPINION. and that’s all that matters.

if you use drinking to ‘solve your problems’ meaning ‘not have to think about them and still feel good’ …. it ends up BEING the problem and the cause of all of your problems.

it’s true. read it and weep, alkies!

IMG_20131227_104303 (1)
have i blogged this dorky pic before?
i know i had it on facebook for my profile pic for about a day
it’s too nerdy.
changed it to another pic which is stupid.
all my pics seem stupid sometimes.
and i KNOW it is dumb of me to even be talking or typing or blogging about this but i am so
it is what it is.


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