tres dias

these are what the British refer to as boiled sweets. 🙂 so cute.


Hello Friends!

new year new blog.

things are changing in my life. of course things are always changing in everyone’s life. lives.

but i also moved my furniture around. and i have consumed no alcohol for three whole days.  now i need to start integrating more physical exercise into my routine and more discipline.

i am sad that i have to start a new blog but you know what?:

not really.

it’s fine.
whatever. i had to because my old one ran out of storage space for images. it’s silly they do that but you can just start another free blog and have storage space on that one. makes little sense to me, but that’s okay.

and today i had this for lunch. it was so delicious. there was goat curry. fabulous.
today was fabulous. perfect
the atmospherix must have been well-aligned, I’m guessing.

and for that I am truly grateful.
so much wonderfulness packed into one day!
yay yay yay!

this is the only pic i’ve taken of myself lately. this blog theme sucks because the pics come out this size no matter what you do. i tried editing the previous pics but they suck!!!! it is annoying and i am too tired to deal with it.
i’ve just been busy thinking about other things and doing other things which sort of put me out of the mind of taking photos.

my hair looks kind of dumb here. i need more lift.
it looked better later. but it was fine. it’s fine!!!!

it’s not that big of a deal!

this guy is part of the reason.

it was lots of fun to go for a walk together down to the bluffs and the river even tho the river smelled of dead fish due to the salmon who died en masse after spawning. apres spawn.

meet dunkin donuts.
that isn’t even what i call him.
i infrequently use his name.
i call him ‘my master’
definitely not ‘sir,’ tho.

um…. i guess i’m done for now…..
it’s late.
more lates.


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