brain a-buzz

Picture 890
i thought, “oh, a half day morning with 1st graders? easy peasy!”
not exactly. those kids will give you a run for your money, that’s for sure!!
pretty cool, tho.

Picture 894
i get there way early and taking a few pics kind of calms my nerves before i get started.
then read the teachers plan for the day….. first graders are no slackers, let me tell ya. they have a densely packed schedule. gotta keep ‘em busy. downtime is the enemy!

Picture 892
the ‘students’ are experts already at figuring out your weaknesses. mine is that i am not a strict disciplinarian but after a while that stuff kicks in because you realize the ‘students’ are taking advantage of your niceness.

Picture 895
practicing my moves.

Picture 811
Picture 809Picture 812
tomorrow is a new assignment. first grade this time. exciting! another half day. then the day after that is a full day with middle-schoolers. crazy times!

Picture 839
okay. that’s all for now. this library where i go to use the computer is the busiest library i’ve ever seen. it’s annoying.

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every day is just like the day before

Picture 806
yesterday the left shoe of two different pairs of my shoes broke while i was wearing or trying to wear them. my last pair of flip flops and a pair of sandals.

Picture 793

Picture 776

Picture 778

Picture 788

Picture 790

Picture 791

Picture 792
today was cool! i got to teach social studies to sixth graders! in a real classroom! life is sweet!

i seriously worked really hard for this and it’s been a long time coming so it’s really a personal triumph for me.

Picture 795
bee check. lots of bees here on this bottlebrush bush.

Picture 800

Picture 798

Picture 799
so, yep.
things are good. getting better all the time.
my life is finally changing.

Picture 805
haha oops

your mission: if you choose to accept it

Picture 779
got some fantastic news today!
my first assignment in my new job has been accepted (by me!) yayayayayayaayayayayayayyyyyyy!

Picture 777
oh happy day.

i am sitting in starbucks right now using their wifi this sunday afternoon. so many people come into starbucks. a LOT of attractive women. it’s fun to see everyone’s outfits. this dude is taking a pic of the two chicks in line in front of him. and let me just say, for the record, it’s gross to me when women wear thong underwear under a dress because the dress settles into their butt-crack. what would my grandmother say if she knew??? how times have changed from when we used to wear slips and proper undergarments with dresses?

Picture 583
this was a starbucks drink i had about a week ago. back-blogging.

Picture 513
this was also about a week ago… we had a drink in this cool bar called The Station. the place is made out of old railroad cars. his band has played here a few times. we almost sang karaoke but then we waited too long and it was too late.

Picture 618
the smell of burning cheese in this starbucks is making me ill, so i’ll be heading out soon. tired of watching all these fancy people snottily flit out with their glorified milkshakes. :-P hehehe. jk. if i had money, i’d possibly buy one for myself, too. i have starbucks coffee at home and i make it with a french press and half and half and real sugar and even then, i rarely finish my cup.

end slavery

Picture 719

i don’t want to be a slave to anything. i feel resentful to facebook and instagram for trying to make me be a slave to them.

twitter doesn’t worry me much…. i don’t really worry much about blogging…. i feel free with regard to those. but instagram and facebook are slave-drivers.

texting, too. texting is a slave-driver.

i don’t even want to participate in the mind-set of facebook. seriously.
i’m tired of participating in mind-sets.

let things happen… ‘they’ say.


should we ‘let’ things happen or ‘make’ things happen?

endowment for the arts

Picture 772
they should have a category of disability known as “artist”
because i find that the mindset of an artist does not fit in well with the way mainstream society works.

it’s like having a handicap. where do you think the term starving artist came from?

we buck the norms.
then the norms buck us.

Picture 765
for one thing, my work pace is not acceptable to normies. i don’t think in a linear fashion and i am not efficient. SORRY. i’m a human being not a robot slave.

Picture 704
life is supposed to be enjoyable, isn’t it?
not constant never-ending fast-paced, nose-to-the-grindstone labor.

i did a load of laundry today. see? i’m trying to be responsible.

Picture 767
life’s short. do what you really want to do and come what may!
in this instance, it is eat your bf’s fave foods: shredded bbq beef on gluten free bread with deviled eggs and potato salad.

Picture 768
i always have to be different/creative/unique. it’s just what i do. either that, or copy people. HAHA!

Picture 759
anyway, the working day is almost finished and then it’s party time!!!!