everything is awesome!

ok. well this isn’t the pic i meant to post, but whatever.

things are actually very lovely in my life today and lately. so much really to be grateful for and appreciative of! especially having a four day weekend. yeehaw!

the holiday season is upon us and i am happy. especially being a teacher, i get vacation!
now if only i could travel. maybe soon.

the weather has been perfect. today will be a great day to catch up on some housework, watch a movie and make a nice pot of bean soup. ahhhh. fall.

so good.

my job is richly rewarding every day and i’m totally stoked about it.
thanks for asking.
everything’s coming along quite nicely.
thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. my hope is to give back very soon……

yay!! thank you to everyone who helped me along th eway


Picture 1782
probably nobody ever reads this.
probably i shouldn’t say that.
those tacos were yummy, tho. i had them the other day.

Picture 1784
i’ve just been substitute teaching every week day. busy as can be. that’s for sure.
it’s great. sometimes i complain, but really… it’s great in the grand scheme.

Picture 1781
oh wow, this is cool! pixlr has this #cosmicgeometry thing going on. i always liked geometry.

Picture 1787
so, it’s friday.
friday is as good a day as any to come to terms with life on life terms, isn’t it?
today was a fun day because all i had to do was take roll and show a movie to high school shop class kids. easy. kinda boring, but i’ll take it.
easy money, sorta?

Picture 1776
i’ve been sucked into this vortex lately. it’s called “play”… we need it, we humans. not everything has to be “important” and “practical” all the time. sometimes we just need to zone out and waste some time doing pointless things.

Picture 1783
aw. how cute.

Picture 1788
i think i will do another blog post tomorrow. right now, i’m on my way home from work on a friday and stopped in at the library to use my laptop on their wifi. maybe next month i will get a new chrome book or a wifi hotspot or something so i can be a computer sloth in the privacy of my own home. who knows? TTFN!

i’m taking minutes

Picture 1514
my life has changed so much in so many ways that i really don’t have the same habits and routines so due to that and a few other factors… blogging has sort of fallen by the wayside as of late. that will change soon, tho, now that i have a new phone.

this is at the park right by my apartments.

this is the cafe across from the park.

i’m having a decent weekend./

oh my blog! blogging is more now of just a sidebar to the main event and twitter and ig are the main event… but also that is changing. the immediacy and temporariness are key factors in that. people’s attention spans have become miniscule.

i’m rockin, in my school shoes

Picture 1491
omg, sometimes life is SUCH a pain!!!!
come on, admit it!

Picture 1488
blah blah blah, everyone is so deeply fascinated with my life. right? you know you are!

Picture 1481
from all this working i have been doing, i have not yet rec’d a paycheck! it’s been rough! i don’t get paid til the 10th. and only once a month!!!! torture!!!

Picture 1482
i keep taking pics of my hair because i actually really hate it!!!!
i’m having an identity crisis.

Picture 1464
but sometimes life gets so demanding that vanity has to take a back seat, really. you have to do stuff whether you feel attractive or not.

Picture 1477
anyway, yeah, whatever… i’ll figure something out… k? it will eventually work out. my hair, my relationships, whatever. life will be OVER before you know it, actually!!!

until then, we keep on keeping on. i look forward to having a paycheck. we all know they are usually gone before we get them, tho, aren’t they? yep. sigh.

but i’m still having a lot of cool experiences, even tho some of them are stressful.

i’m grateful for many things.

what’s going on?

Picture 1406
hello saturday!

i’m starting to maybe get used to being at work all the time.
it’s definitely a stimulating and varied environment. after i get home the day kind of replays in my head… all of the different interactions and things that happen.

it takes a while for my brain to decompress.

Picture 1436
one challenge is to make sure i stay hydrated. gotta really make a conscious effort to think ahead and have water with me.

yesterday i left my phone charger in a classroom and probably i won’t ever get it back.

Picture 1438
definitely starting to feel the change of fall in the air. still gets a little warm. bring it on, cold weather! i am not fond of warm weather.

no internet. no time.

Picture 1318
my hair is actually shorter than this now.

time to stop with the cutting, methinks.

Picture 1315
i just can’t leave well-enough alone, sometimes, maybe all of the time.

i have NO time to use the computer anymore now that i have no internet in my apartment. that is the only thing i blog about anymore.

it’s good to have a job and be productive, tho. i guess! ha ha.

Picture 1317
the guy i was hoping was the one…. well, i guess he isn’t.
i am beginning to think nobody is going to be the one. whenever i think they are, that only lasts for about three months. all i can say i am contributing to that is being attracted to emotionally unavailable men.