it’s alright

Picture 314

i asked a friend for advice on relationships. here it is:

So, the thing about relationships is, each and every one is totally unique. A relationship is a reaction between two elements, you and the other. From your perspective, you are the only constant…but in reality even you change, with experience. So one of the most important things is to realize that your new relationship doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s relationship, nor like any relationship you’ve ever had before.

Picture 274
things are pretty cool. had pms this last week and it wasn’t that bad. maybe a little bit of a mood swing here and there, but i held it together pretty well, if i do say so myself.


Picture 146
i have had so much fun in the past month, it can’t even be processed!
major back-blog going on

Picture 144
omigawd this was so incredible! nomnomnom

Picture 261
it’s a beautiful universe

Picture 264
this is as good as it gets, folks. (for me)

Picture 266
Picture 267
sexy pirates abound at swabbies on the river. cool place, tho, man.

Picture 268
sweet bikes

Picture 269
life is so insane. being a human. human being.
what’s that about???

Picture 270
what is it all about, guys?
do you know?
leave a comment if so. or go leave a comment on my twitter or instagram or email me or snail mail me.

(outer/inner) space: invaders

Picture 206
do you ever feel like you wanna see yourself at your worst?
so you take purposely bad angle pics and like put no effort into your facial expression?
that’s what i was doing here, kinda.
sorta reminds me of Jennifer Grey in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Picture 207
look! a memento. :-)

Picture 196
we took the looooong way home. ended up a little too long!
whew! sometimes fun can really take it out of ya!

Picture 194
i found this amusing.
cows can read?
how polite of you to request they close the gate.

easily entertained, i guess.

Picture 193Picture 191
we didn’t hike to this. it was too late, running out of time and energy. if only we could be independently wealthy! soon!!! soon!

Picture 168
see, this is when i take a blogging break. i don’t like my blog posts to be too long. blogging is just not where it’s at, anymore. i mean.

maybe it is, what do i know, anyway? i never really cared anyway. i blog because i want to.

Picture 169
i kind of see my grandpa’s facial expression here. he was portuguese.

Picture 167
this vine is over 100 yrs old. amazing.

wait and see

Picture 009
painted my toenails this color.
haven’t done the fingers yet. want ‘em fresh for the weekend.

Picture 012
hard to take a selfie with this hat, since it’s a mile high.
cute, tho.

it’s great when you meet someone new and you like them and they like you.

and you get to act crazy together.

creativity is improved all around, stimulated by the stimulation?

i found this nike tennis dress when i lived in reno, i remember taking pics of myself in it on the tennis court.

Picture 010
neon, you know.

big weekend coming up! excited! woo hoo!