no internet. no time.

Picture 1318
my hair is actually shorter than this now.

time to stop with the cutting, methinks.

Picture 1315
i just can’t leave well-enough alone, sometimes, maybe all of the time.

i have NO time to use the computer anymore now that i have no internet in my apartment. that is the only thing i blog about anymore.

it’s good to have a job and be productive, tho. i guess! ha ha.

Picture 1317
the guy i was hoping was the one…. well, i guess he isn’t.
i am beginning to think nobody is going to be the one. whenever i think they are, that only lasts for about three months. all i can say i am contributing to that is being attracted to emotionally unavailable men.

here nor there everywhere

Picture 1251
i dyed the underneath with brown henna

Picture 1259Picture 1262Picture 1263
yes i chopped my hair on a sort of long-pre-meditated whim.
still working on it.
sometimes i wish i had not done it but sometimes i’m like “WHATEVER!”
who cares!?!?!!!!

anyway, i’ve been doing a little sculpting cutting here and there to get the right shape to it.
it’s fine.
change is good, maybe?

Picture 1045
look at these crazy guys having their hot tub party. this is the kind of stuff toys do when left unsupervised.

Picture 1050
i’ve been working a lot. this was friday.

Picture 1054
then we went bowling. first game was abysmal. second was better. getting old means bowling is an extreme contact sport.

Picture 1055
i have to tell my ball what’s up or it just doesn’t listen.

Picture 1057
Oy. I’ve had enough computer struggles for one day. peace.

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bring your earplugs

Picture 1024
omg i have NO time anymore! busy busy busy busy busy!!!!

i guess it’s a good kind of busy, tho.

Picture 948
and also TGIF!

Picture 998
life is good.
nice respectable teacher nail polish. it’s called Vacation Time.

Picture 955
today is gonna be great1!! it already is. and it will continue to be!